The Interior Design for 2016 – Colour Trends

Interior design trends for 2016When it comes to the colour trends in the interior for 2016, we could say it in a brief: dark saturated shades of blue, green, gray and orange dominate. Those shades, however, are like a double-edged sword. You should not go overboard with them – they have to be the focus in your home design. And of course, you must combine them properly, considering the furniture and all small details in furnishing your rooms. If you want to follow the fashion and do it the right way, then you may need some pieces of advice. Check out what you should know in this regard:

  • The strong contrast – this definitely is the leading trend in 2016. The combination of bright colours with dark tones and light Asian touches is nothing but amazing. Modern high gloss surfaces give the chance for expression of ornamentation in an exotic new world.

  • Some of the most modern hues this year are Black Pearl, Pagoda, Galapagos and Emperory’s Silk. Be bold in the combinations, but do not overdo it. Choose a basic colour and yet, three to four additional colours to accent. This, of course, does not mean you must stick strictly to that rule. If you want something different, then select one main and two additional nuances. Those strong colours are appropriate rather for living and for places that are meant for social activities. In the rooms for relaxation such as bedroom, you’d better use softer shades.

  • With regard to exotic Asian ornaments, you can use them with furniture and accessories. Strong contrast – this is one of the concepts in the interior design for 2016, not only because of the saturated colours, and because of the unusual combination of fashion with the mysteries of the East.

  • Luxury – once again we are talking about saturated colours but in addition, there are golden elements and geometric motifs. That is a new ‘dimension’ in luxury trends and colours for interior 2016.  When it comes to the latter, there are some hues you should remember: Penthouse View, Coralette, Fifth Olive-nue, Citronne and Blue Vortex.

  • If you select that palette of neutral tones, then you could boldly create a contrast with a darker nuance. Strongly expressed colour lines on the walls can make the illusion of spaciousness. This is a good option for small rooms. But keep in mind the following: do not overdo it with the furniture and do not clutter the room with unnecessary items. Otherwise, the whole effect of the colour accents will be lost. Your room will look untidy no matter how thorough you are at performing regular domestic cleaning.

  • If we had, to sum up that type of colour combination in the interior for 2016, then we would say: be bold and experiment. Combine light with dark colours. Put some sleek lines on the walls. Go ahead and combine neutral tones with gold, coral, or sapphire elements. In the result you will get interior, showing confidence and strength of character.

  • Vague boundaries – if you like the modern appearance better, then you need to know more about one of the main trends for 2016 – the so-called ‘hombre’. If you have a niche, or you want to emphasise one of the walls, then green-blue shades are a very good option. As the main colour, you can use pastel green, blue, purple. Among the characteristic hues are modern mint and stratus. Orange and turquoise should be used to reinforce the primary colours.

  • Do not forget to think about the furniture. If you choose this style, then the furniture should be simple and with slightly soft forms. It is mandatory to use natural fabrics and geometric shapes with rounded edges. The main idea of this type of interior is to be close to nature, with the maximum light modernism and rich colours.

  • Live lyrical – with these colour combinations you can get a colour harmony with a romantic twist. If you prefer such a décor, then remember that the use of much light is a major rule. It contributes to the ease of the interior. Use warm colours (white, pink, beige, etc.) shiny surfaces and plush fabrics. Get creative and show your romantic inner self! Why don`t you place a beautiful plush rug in the centre of the living room? Well, carpet cleaning may be a bit complex but the effect you will get is just astounding!

In general, the interior of 2016 is sassy with a lot of contrast and bright saturated colours. The most modern hue is the so-called Deep Peacock. Whichever décor style you choose for your interior, be sure that you will keep up with fashion trends. It is time to freshen your house up! Your home will become more impressive than ever – there is no doubt about that. And who does not want to delight and impress their guests?

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