The Best Colour for Your Bedroom According to Your Personality

Choose the colours at your bedroom according to your personalityEven if you are a person who relies solely on proven facts and takes the alternative methods for improving their mood with a pinch of salt, the truth is that it has been scientifically proven that colours actually have an impact on our mood and perception of the surrounding environment.

You must have a few favourite colours. If you open your wardrobe, you will see that a couple of colours prevail and you feel more attractive wearing blue than grey, for example. Anyway, if you are about to start a painting project and you are hesitating which is the best colour for your bedroom, it might be useful to make a final decision based on the information below.

Let’s see how your favourite colour reflects your personality:

  • Before you hire a painting contractor, check out the latest design trends, bookmark some pictures you particularly like, but most importantly think about how each colour makes you feel. Do you feel more relaxed when you look at the white walls? Does grey make you feel under the weather? Do you like black coloured accents on the walls? Which is the colour that would make your bedroom a cosy place?
  • Red undoubtedly adds an elegant sparkle to every room, but it is considered too intensive for bedrooms. In addition, red is believed to raise the blood pressure and speed up the heart rate. On the other hand, it is a suitable colour for dining rooms and living rooms. If you are a sociable person who loves playing a host to family gatherings, decorating your living room in red would strengthen the bond between you and your guests/ family members as it stimulates conversations and makes people feel comfortable. It is also a nice idea to paint the entryway in red. Your guests will be impressed by the design before they take their shoes off.
  • If you are interested in chromotherapy, you must have heard that yellow is believed to purify the body. However, you are not advised to choose yellow for main colour schemes. Various surveys have concluded that despite being a cheerful colour, a yellow interior can also be a prerequisite for anger outbursts. It is a good choice for kitchens, dining rooms or any small space as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere but is not suitable for bedrooms.
  • Painting your bedroom in blue is probably the best choice you can make. It is considered a serene, calming colour. It has so many shades that you might be spoilt for choice. If you want to make your bedroom the perfect spot for relaxation, consider periwinkle or turquoise. Darker blue shades have the opposite effect. They can make you feel depressed and sad.
  • What do you think about the combination of green and blue or green and yellow? Green is considered a colour that promotes togetherness and makes you feel comfortable. Plus, it is suitable for the main colour scheme as it helps you calm down. Basically, green is an appropriate colour for every room in the house, especially if you combine it with blue or yellow.
  • Purple is often called a royal colour and there is a pretty good reason for that. It makes every room looks elegant, luxurious and sophisticated. If you want to achieve the feeling of relaxation and restfulness in your bedroom, opt for the lighter shades such as lavender or lilac.
  • Orange is the colour that helps you express your emotions, be it positive or negative. It is a colour that makes you feel energised and enthusiastic. As bedrooms are usually intended for relaxation, the aforementioned factors make orange a bit unsuitable, but at the end of the day, you know best whether it matches your personality or not.
  • Enough for the most widespread colours and the emotions they evoke. Let’s discuss the ceilings, which are frequently neglected. If you want to play it safe, go ahead and paint the ceiling in the bedroom in white. However, if you are willing to experiment, choose another colour. Just keep in mind that painting the ceiling in a dark colour will optically make the bedroom look smaller and the ceilings visually lower, which creates an intimate atmosphere. Lighter ceilings create the illusion of more space.

It is largely up to you which colour to choose for your bedroom. Actually, it is not necessary to choose just one colour. Unlock your imagination and experiment with the different shades of the colour you prefer. In order to avoid a disappointing result, go to the home improvement store and kindly ask for paint samples before you make a purchase. Apply the different shades on the wall, but choose an area behind a furniture or a picture. Don’t forget to make sure you like that shade in both natural and artificial light.


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