Shoe Hacks You Should Know

Shoe hacks you should knowAccording to a popular saying: “If your shoes are comfortable, they are not expensive enough.” To a certain extent, that’s right. If you have ever bought an expensive pair of high heels you must be quite familiar with the pain and discomfort a shoe can cause.

Yet, no matter how proudly you have walked in them, you have definitely tossed them in the corner as soon as you entered your bedroom. It doesn`t matter if you have bought your shoes from a high street boutique or you were looking for a pair of inexpensive sneakers to go camping, there are some hacks that can prove really useful. Check them out below:

  • Do you know which is the best method for neutralising bad smells? No, you don’t have to buy an expensive shoe spray! All you need to do is to stuff your shoes with newspapers. For better results, you are advised to change the papers on a daily basis and sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes.

  • Alternatively, you can put dry tea bags into the shoes to neutralise bad smells.

  • You are pretty sure you got the right number, but the shoes are too tight and therefore really uncomfortable? There is an easy solution. Turn the hairdryer on, put a pair of woolly socks on, put on the shoes and heat them. Be careful not to set the hairdryer at the highest temperature, though.

  • If you have a pair of high heels you have never put on before, you’d better make sure you won’t get back home with swollen or wounded feet. In order to prevent the terrible pain in the ball of your foot, tape your third and fourth toe with medical tape. It is said to relieve the strain on the nerve between those two toes and therefore the pain is minimised.

  • If you love your new pair of high heels, but you cannot stand the pain and discomfort, you are advised to take the shoes to a professional and request a small alteration. If you shorten the heels with just an inch or two, you will have your problem solved.

    Love my high heels

  • If none of these preventive measures works for you, all you can do is to soak your feet in a solution of water and green tea. The latter is well- known for its anti-inflammatory properties, not to mention its numerous health benefits.

  • If you want to make your shoes waterproof, all you need is beeswax. Apart from using it during your upholstery cleaning for polishing the wooden parts of the furniture, you can use it for making your shoes water-resistant as well. You should simply rub the beeswax onto your shoe and there you have it. Simple as ABC.

  • When do you usually go shopping? Probably on your days off when you get up, make a cup of coffee and perform the carpet cleaning, bathroom sanitising and domestic cleaning in general. After that you decide to reward yourself by hitting the sales. Well, it sounds nice, but the truth is that your feet can swell up to half a size bigger by the end of the day. In other words, you’d better perform your house cleaning duties when you are back from shopping, and if you don`t feel like vigorously cleaning your rugs after the nice day out, better book a carpet cleaning service to save you from the hassle.

  • If you are among those people who cannot get rid of the sweaty feet issue, here is a simple solution. What you need is a good quality dry shampoo. You must have heard about them. In brief, they absorb the excessive oil from the roots of your hair, so you can go out without washing it. It will look clean for at least a couple of hours. So, spray some dry shampoo into the shoes and enjoy the comfort of having dry feet.

  • In case you have a pair of beautiful suede shoes, but you refrain yourself from wearing them because of an ugly mark, go ahead and remove it with a nail file.

  • Do you know the old trick for stretching the shoes by putting them in the freezer overnight? What you need to do is to fill two bags with water and put them inside the shoes. Then, put the shoes themselves in the freezer. As the water in the bags freezes, it expands and therefore, you will have a comfortable pair of shoes in the morning.

  • Have you ever thought how you can keep your boots upright? You can either stuff them with newspapers or simply put pool noodles inside.

Don’t hesitate to use these tricks in order to prolong the lifespan of your shoes, protect them against unpleasant smells and keep their fantastic condition for longer without wasting money on specialised detergents.

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